Volunteer Academy of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross 2022

In the period 06-13.08, an Academy for volunteers of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross for 2022 was held. The event took place on the territory of the village of Kranevo, and more than 70 volunteers from all over the country took part in it.

During the Academy, volunteers had the opportunity to undergo training in one of three modules – Leadership and Teamwork, Active Inclusion in Social Environment and Humanitarian Education.

The Leadership and Work Group in a team, he learned about topics related to different types of leadership, improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, as well as leadership within the BMChK. time of national training with the newly created program. In addition to the existing manuals/tools/programs and the specifics of working with children, the volunteers also had the opportunity to start work on the subject of Ecology with the development of a training program for students in grades 5-12. 

The Humanitarian Education group became familiar with topics related to discrimination, promotion of humanitarian values and dissemination of humanitarian principles of the International Movement. 

Besides through training sessions, volunteers had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and by participating in interest workshops .

The Academy for BMCHK volunteers is being held for the seventeenth year in a row, and for the first time since 2019, it has been implemented in an in-person format.