A series of initiatives by the Bulgarian Red Cross-Sofia on the occasion of February 14

The volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross-Sofia celebrated the holiday with a series of actions at club and metropolitan level. The team for prevention of sexual risk behavior at the Bulgarian Red Cross-Sofia organized on February 13 a basic online thematic training for volunteers, which included 54 representatives. On the 14th, the volunteers conducted an online campaign to promote HIV / AIDS prevention activities. Infographics and information on the topic were shared throughout the day, and e-valentines were distributed to the organization's volunteers. Volunteers from several clubs created a video in which they shared what HIV and AIDS are, how HIV is transmitted and how to protect ourselves. In different educational institutions live or online actions were realized within the framework of the Campaign: presentation of a thematic presentation and holding a discussion with students; distribution of valentines; making posters and distributing health information materials. Volunteers of the Bulgarian Red Cross, together with the Regional Administration - Krasno Selo, the Association of the Disabled - Krasno Selo and Chitalishte "Beli Brezi" celebrated the holiday of love by presenting plaques to 6 married couples who have more than 50 years of marriage behind them. On February 14 in the office of the 6th Territorial Center of the Bulgarian Red Cross - Sofia was held a meeting of 6 couples whose love has withstood the challenges of time, with volunteers of the Bulgarian Red Cross under the motto "Give Love".