National campaign "Love Safely" in Kardzhali district

Volunteers from eight clubs of the Bulgarian Red Cross-Kardzhali participated in the implementation of various thematic activities. Club "Glorious and Fun" at Sofia University "Father Paisii" - Kardzhali held a presentation on "Love safely - a flashback to the years and how the pandemic changed the holiday", which was presented in class through the platform "School". Club "Share a smile" at EG "Hr. Botev "- Kardzhali made a video with messages about love, which they shared on social networks. Good Heart Club at Sofia University "V. Levski "- Krumovgrad made a photo frame with the title" It's cold! Make a promise! ” Help for Happiness Club at Sofia University “N. J. Vaptsarov ”- the village of Benkovski made a presentation with a health-educational focus, which is published on the website of their school. Club "Happy with us" at Sofia University "Hr. Smirnenski ”- the village of Chernoochene made a multimedia presentation, which was presented in the school library, as well as a“ Box of Love ”, where everyone found a love message. Club "From the heart" at Sofia University "V. Levski "- Ardino made a photo frame entitled" Love is contagious "and presented an open lesson on" Can you give first aid, because it's as if my heart stops beating around you! ". Nadezhda Club at the Secondary School of Tourism - Momchilgrad held a multimedia presentation on HIV / AIDS prevention and distributed cards with condoms in the central park. White Swallow Club at Sofia University Yovkov "- Kardzhali held a week of love, in which every day from 10 to 15 surprised their teachers and classmates - presentations, valentines, love videos and more.