National Assembly of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross

National Assembly of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross 2023.

In the period 24-26.03.2023, the National Assembly of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross was held - the organization's highest forum. The event was hosted by the Regional Organization of the Bulgarian Red Cross in Veliko Tarnovo. More than 90 volunteers and employees from all over the country took part in the forum.

The event was held in the ceremonial conference hall of the Sevastokrator Hotel in the village of Arbanasi, and during the official opening the following were present: Dr. Slavita Jambazova - Deputy General Director of the BCH, Eng. Georgi Guguchkov - Regional Governor of Veliko Tarnovo Region, Eng. Dr. Daniel Panov - Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Mr. Neiko Genchev - Deputy Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality "Humanitarian Activities", Metropolitan Grigoriy - Bishop of Veliko Tarnovo Diocese, Commissioner Krasimir Krastev - director of the regional directorate of PBZN - Veliko Tarnovo, Ms. Violina Eneva - chief secretary of the Regional Health Inspection - Veliko Tarnovo, Dr. Krasimir Popov - executive director of MOBAL "Dr. Stefan Cherkezov" - Veliko Tarnovo, Brigadier General Ivan Malamov - Head of the Vasil Levski Military University, Associate Professor Diana Dimitrova, PhD, Ms. Maya Vladkova - Director of the Social Assistance Directorate - Veliko Tarnovo, Ms. Desislava Peneva - Chief Expert, Regional Directorate for Social Assistance - Veliko Tarnovo. All of them were warmly welcomed by our dear colleagues and kind hosts - Dr. Galina Gareva - chairperson of the OS of BCHK-Veliko Tarnovo, Mrs. Zornitsa Stoyanova - director of the OS of BCHK-Veliko Tarnovo, the volunteers and the employees of the Regional Secretariat.

All the official guests welcomed the BMCHK delegates from all over the country, expressing their appreciation and respect for our significant humanitarian work. Congratulatory addresses were sent by: Hristo Grigorov, Ph.D. k. - Chairman of the BCHK and Prof. Dr. Krasimir Gigov - General Director of the BCHK, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev - Minister of Health and Dr. Evgenia Nedeva - Director of RZI - Veliko Tarnovo.

Dr. Slavita Djambazova, on behalf of the entire leadership of the Bulgarian Red Cross, touched the attendees by addressing the volunteers with the sincere definition - "You are the most valuable resource of the organization, a benchmark for humanism, fulfilled with pure youthful energy and faith in a better future..."

During the National Assembly, the Report on the activities of the BMCHK for the term 2021 - 2023, the Report on the activities of the Compliance Advisor of the BMCHK for the term 2021-2023 were presented and adopted. The BMCHK Activity Plan for 2023, Guidelines for the activity of the BMCHK for the term 2023-2025, as well as the Mid-term analysis of the development strategy of the BMCHK 2020-2025.

On the second day of the forum, the elections for the Chairman of the BMCK, members of the BMCK Executive Board and the Compliance Advisor were also held. The new leadership of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross is composed of: Steli Jambazova, chairman of the BMCHK, delegate from Yambol region, Lora Fuchedjieva, vice-chairman of the BMCHK, delegate from the Burgas region, Taxiarchula Beneti, member of the IC of the BMCHK, delegate from the region Pazardjik, Todor Pantileev, member of the IC of BMCHK, delegate from Sofia-city, Tolga Mehmedov, member of the IC of BMCHK, delegate from Ruse region, Tatyana Valcheva - compliance advisor, delegate from Shumen region.

During the event, the approved project-proposals were announced within the Program for the Development of Innovations and Good Practices in Priority Activities of the BMCHK, as well as the Annual Awards of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross for 2022 were presented. All 28 districts in the country received an individual certificate of recognition for an initiative carried out in the past year.

The hostesses from Veliko Tarnovo also planned a rich cultural program in the medieval town, which included a guided tour of the eponymous Tsarevets fortress and a screening of the thematic and impactful performance "Tsarevgrad Tarnov - Sound and Light".

We express our gratitude to all the employees and volunteers of the regional organization of BCHK-Veliko Tarnovo for the incredible experience and the high level of preparation of the most important forum of the youth organization of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

We wish success to the new National Management of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and we believe that together with the volunteers from all over the country - his work will be inspiring and satisfying.