National campaign "Multiply the good 2.0" in Plovdiv

On the occasion of the International Youth Day and the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth, the volunteers from Plovdiv joined the National Campaign "Multiply the Good 2.0" by implementing two events with a fundraising element intended for the Charity Fund "Good doers. The first event took place on August 10th in Lauta Park. It included a highly intensive training, led by licensed coach Danko Dimitrov and a demonstration of first aid, made by the volunteer of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth - Mihail Djambov. Many people of different ages took part in the training, wanting to move and support the cause. The second event took place on August 12th in Bunardzhik Park. A screening of two films dedicated to the humanitarian activity of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth - Plovdiv was held. The volunteers filled the hill with dancing and happy emotions. All visitors to the park had the opportunity to become spectators of the screening.