Discussion on "Elections we make in the non-governmental sector"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and December 5 - International Volunteer Day, the Bulgarian Red Cross organized a discussion on "Elections we make in the non-governmental sector."

The discussion was held live and was broadcast on the organization's social networks. The event was attended by Simona Dimitrova, Chair of the National Youth Forum, Nikoleta Gabrovska, Executive Director of the Single Steps Foundation, Blagovesta Nikolova, Executive Director of the volunteer platform "Heroes of Time" (TimeHeroes), Danita Zarichinova, representative of the association "For The Earth ”, and Steli Dzhambazova, President of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross. The moderator of the event was Mihail Ivanov, a member of the Executive Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

During the discussion were touched upon topics related to the development of the NGO sector in the country, the goals that NGOs set for themselves, the problems they face, the motivation that makes them continue, despite difficulties and many others.

The online event reached more than 3,000 people, with many commenting and thanking the organization and its volunteers and staff.