BRCY fest in Silistra

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth and the International Youth Day, the volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth - Silistra organized "BRCY Fest" in the Danube Park of the city. At various points on the territory of the park there were a workshop for making jewelry, a drawing corner and workshops, where in a fun way and in the form of a game the children learned basic knowledge of First aid and Water rescue. The children of Silistra were introduced to the principles of the Red Cross, in the form of a fun adventure game "Treasure hunt", and had to follow a map to find the "treasure" (the seven principles), which were in iconic places in the park. "BRCY Fest" ended with a summer cinema. The program included films that carry a message about how the slightest change in human behavior can affect nature and how only one person, guided by pure ideals, without seeking retribution for his actions is able to change the lives of many. others.