Agreement between BCHK and NPSS

On December 5, 2022, on International Volunteer Day, a cooperation agreement was signed between the National Representation of Student Councils in the Republic of Bulgaria (NPSS) and the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC). The agreement was signed by Daniel Parushev, chairman of the national student organization, and Steli Jambazova, chairman of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and member of the National Council of the BRC.

The two national organizations will cooperate in planning, organizing and conducting conferences and campaigns in the field of volunteering, first aid, blood donation and other topics concerning young people in Bulgaria. The cooperation is signed for a period of one year and is in connection with the policy led by the management of both organizations for transparency in the formation of policies and relations in the non-governmental sector and institutions in the country, as well as for seeking opportunities aimed at developing the potential of young people in Bulgaria and their involvement in socially significant causes and activities.

During the official ceremony, Stanimir Boyadjiev - adviser on international activity and cooperation of the National Socialist National Society and chairman of the BMCHK in the period 2017-2021, was also present; Antonio Dachovski and Stoyan Ivanov – members of the NPSS Control Board. Dilyana Dimitrova - director of the BCHK Directorate, and Mihail Ivanov - member of the Executive Board of the BCHK took part on behalf of the BCHK.