Health program of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth

The Health Program combines the activities of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth, related to reducing the health vulnerability of children and young people, by promoting a healthy lifestyle and limiting health risk factors. The modules in the field include HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual risk behavior, addiction prevention, healthy lifestyle, blood donation and road safety.

The main activities are expressed in two aspects. The first one is related to conducting trainings among children and young people for acquiring and upgrading knowledge and skills on topics related to human health, and the second one is aimed at raising awareness and prevention through information campaigns.

Some of the topics that are included in the direction are:

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexual risk behavior, which aims to disseminate and promote information on safe sexual behavior and improve the reproductive health of young people in Bulgaria.
  • Addiction prevention, in which the work of volunteers is on the one hand related to the presentation of healthy alternatives to replace drug use, and on the other hand is aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination against drug users.
  • Healthy lifestyle, in which the goal of the BRCY volunteers is to create sustainable knowledge and habits for a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Blood donation, in which the work of BRCY volunteers is aimed at disseminating information about blood donation among young people.
  • Road safety, in which the work of the BRCY volunteers is aimed at conducting "open lessons" on traffic safety, focused on the interactive and entertaining presentation of traffic rules and safe behavior on the road.

If the topics part of the Health Program of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth sound interesting to you, you can take courses in the online training system of the Bulgarian Red Cross.